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Chameleon Dragon - WIP 2

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pulling back

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Alphabeastiary - H

rough sketch for Alphabeastiary
Canis lupus rex - The Hellhound

A large opportunistic scavenger of the canidae family, they are either solitary or exist in mated pairs. Their furless head is well suited for scavenging, with the powerfully muscled jaws and neck used for pulling huge chunks of flesh. The long scythes are the result of their claws going through dramatic evolution, although it is seldom used to attack - rather it is used for displays, grooming, and for pulling apart carcasses. Despite their size they are not usually dangerous, although the way they tend to fearlessly stand and stare at humans is thought to bring extreme bad luck. They are also known for digging up graves to get at corpses, although some areas use this to their advantage as they feed their dead in religious ceremony to these animals.

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